Strip started life as a recording studio way back in the ‘90s, producing bespoke music tracks for clients including Guinness, Aston Martin, O2, Nokia and Jaguar. We also ran our own record labels and hosted one of the first internet radio stations, interFACE. We soon realised that our clients required video production, so we quickly expanded our expertise to accommodate that. Video quickly became an increasingly important part of our business, and for some time now has been our main focus. We think it's fair to say that we have become rather good at it, too...

Meet the team (left to right) :


Ray made his name as one of London's leading jazz bass players way back in 1989, when he was studying for his maths degree. He met Sharkey when they were playing in a band together, and the pair started recording songs with various singers.

Rather than go straight into a highly paid software development job after graduation, Ray followed his dreams and studied sound engineering at a major London studio, recording everything from Mongolian folk music to death metal.

After a while Ray became a lecturer in sound and video at Lennox Lewis College in London, and during that time set up Strip Studios with Sharkey to record their first commercial album, the critically acclaimed Long Time Coming.

Ray is our flagship cameraman, with a great eye and endless patience.


Lois became involved with Strip during the late 1990s, when she came onboard as a producer for our techno label, Third Quarter. Being a DJ, she had a natural understanding of musical structure, something which translates perfectly into her unique editing style. Plus she was instantly easy to work with.

Lois continues to be a big-name DJ on the London scene, and especially enjoys working on music videos. She is currently shooting a series of music videos for Othon Mataragas, directed by Predrag Pajdic, which will be taking her to the Brazillian rain forest for a month next year.

Lois is our star editor, and is a friendly and engaging camera operator who really brings out the best in her subjects.


Sharkey began his career by producing films for a secret government department during the first Gulf War. Having always wanted to be a rock star instead, he resigned the day that the war was over to concentrate on his music.

During 1992 Sharkey toured as lead guitarist with a major Italian band for a year, and then after working at Projects UK, one of the first fully digital recording studios in the UK, spent some time on the road in Asia before returning to London to establish Strip Studios with Ray. Aside from DJing all over Europe, Strip has been Sharkey's sole focus ever since. He has an HND in Music Technology, and has engineered at venues such as Ronnie Scott's jazz club.

Sharkey loves to direct, and is Strip's graphic design and post-production guru. As Lois says, "Shark does bossing about, and colouring-in".